Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Where Are All the Horse Blogs?

Ok so I'm new to Blogger - and I can't find a search option to search other blogs for random words like "horse" or "equine" etc in order to find some other likeminded bloggers...

So I googled "horse blogs" and came up with very little... so I was just wondering where they all are - Fugly Horse of the Day is obviously a must for anyone equestrian minded with a sense of humour but surely there's more out there?

I'm thinking of attempting a Link section to other horse blogs... So if you spot any... Let me know!


cheri said... is a wonderful blog by fellow MareStarer Rising Rainbow Arabians. She has links on the right under the heading Favorite Blogs of more horse related blogs.

Sarah said...

Thanks Cheri - will have a look now!

crazyfarmer said...

Oh joy more blogs to you to write on !!is there not some house work that can be done young lady!!!!lol

Mrs Mom said...

I too am new to blogging, and began Oh HorseFeathers. ( Ran into the same question as you did- where the heck ARE the other folks out there who are as horse minded as we are? I'd be happy to link you to Oh HorseFeathers ;) Afterall, looks like we horse folks need to stick together here!
Looking forward to reading more on your site!

Laura said...

Hi I have two blogs if you would like to have a look - the first is for our stud -

the second is to promote mules in the U.K -

New to blogging too but really enjoying it!

Wiola said...

I had the same challange when started mine!
Feel free to have a look at all the blogs I have listed on my site under 'Interesting Blogs'.
All the best!

Callie said...

Come along and visit me at , I've been around for about a year! Welcome!

Wiola said...

Also - plenty of horsey blogs are listed on horse bloggers website:

Mrs Mom said...

They have a really good listing on there, and is in fact where I was able to find most of the ones I like to visit! I get a kick out of the UK blogs... ;)


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Fresh off the press:

Chris said...

eheheh... I often do a search on google for equine blog lists and that seems to do the trick! They definitely exist ;)

Mine is

Enjoy your blogging!

Strawberry Lane said...

Hi ...
Would love to have you visit my horse blog at:

Simply Marvelous~The Wonderful World of Horses:


Lizzy said...

Hi just found your blog, hope you can keep it up when all those foals arrive, I drove DH mad having to log on every morning before I went to work to see if I had missed any over night last year. Good Luck

JFraser said...


They're not a lot of horse blogs. Come by and say hello to us at


EquineMan said...

Hey I finally can contribute. If you go to they have a free version that finds blogs for keywords, 50 at a time. Alot of them are blacklisted but fun to visit.

I found my list just poking around. I have two pages of blogs I make my rounds on per month.

I also have a blog..(I am not the greatest grammar person.)

Have a great day.

AKA "equineman"
horse for sale

JanLou said...

I am new to horse riding and blogging but just started my first blog about my new hobby. Searching for other horse blogs yours was the first I found and it looks like there are lots of others for me to take a look at. I'd be happy to link you to Looking forward to reading more of your site and picking up some knowledge about horses from those of you a bit more experienced than me.

John said...

This video is crazy guy on a horse /watch?v=7wGE66sHibM