Friday, 14 December 2007

Lame & Naked Horses

Saminca back in October - do you think she looks a little bum high?

It's a bit milder here at the moment than it has been recently and the rain has also relented which is great - it'll give the horses and the fields a chance to dry out! Had to go and rescue little Saminca (rising 2 year old filly) whose rug was hanging off her shoulders AGAIN - 4th time in a week or so... Have now come to the conclusion she doesn't like it - maybe it's not her colour.. So she is naked again now...

Bambi has come in from the field as she was spotted hobbling, so has come in for a bit of investigation and tlc...She probably just knew a wet spell was coming and she wanted to come in to the dry barn! Hopefully it's just an abcess - it's the time of year for them, and she'll be right as rain in no time.

Building work on the yad is progressing well - second big concrete pour due next week - I will try and get some pictures on the site soon, it's changing by the day so very exciting to watch
Will get Christmas and birthdays out of the way and then need to start seriously thinking about potential husbands for the girls in the new year - it'll be foaling time before I know it and I have a short list of about 15 stallions at the moment (for 5 mares!) so need to have a proper think and whittle them down a little...and that's before I go to the stallion show/parade at Addington where something is bound to catch my eye! I have the 4 black Trakehner mares sorted in my head, and Jemima the lovely grey TB, the rest I need more pondering time for...!

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Mrs Mom said...

Ok now, wheres the update on how Bambi is doing with her abscess? LOL

Happy New Year to you all on the Other Side Of The Pond!