Thursday, 10 January 2008

Been Busy!

A friend of mine sent me this picture - along with the Caption - "Reasons not to Breed Coloured Horses!" Whether it's photoshopped or real it made me smile so thought I'd share!

Thanks for all the blog links in the comments on my earlier entry - now I will have plenty to amuse myself on the long hours of foalwatch...I'll add them to my blog links too when I get a moment...

Just over 8 weeks now til Ari's foal is due....Foaling season is coming round very fast - we have just installed some new cameras which give different views of the barn and diferent boxes so will get those online soon.

Starting to get some interest in the boys, Inde and Ghost for this season so need to get organised and sort out stud cards and work out if we're logistically going to be able to offer AI or not this year... Getting them trained to collect isn't an issue - it's whether or not we can commit to being available to collect 7 days a week, as and when mare owners require semen.. I'd hate to let anyone down so maybe next year would be a better option to offer AI for the first time - when we haven't got quite so much else on!

Negotiating with arena surface suppliers and hope to order the surface very soon, so looking forward to'll be a wonderful feeling when I first ride on our long awaited arena - we'll definitely need a camera ready to capture the moment!


Callie said...

It took me a minute....I was looking at conformation and then it hit me in the eye! LOL I wonder if they named him Peter....Heheheh!

Rising Rainbow said...

I didn't see it until I read callie's comment. LOL

As for doing AI every day. I don't know anyone who really does that. Probably because mare owners can get really crazy sometimes.

Usually farms give a schedule that is three specific days a week and extra arrangements must be made but aren't guaranteed for the weekends. If a mare owner is on top of what's going on, that will work just fine. If they're not, breeding AI isn't going to work well anyway.

Mrs Mom said...

My sister breeds Paints-- LOL I will have to get her to stop in here and look at what SHE might one day encounter as well!

Somehow, I think its only us "horse women" who would find markings like this only too amusing... ;)

Rising Rainbow said...

I was at a clinic recently with a two year old filly that had nearly this identical marking. I have seen this filly before but after seeing this picture here, her marking jumped right out at me. All I can say is its a good thing she'll be wearing a saddle most of her time in the ring. lol

Grey Horse Matters said...

That marking is just too funny! I love the paints and their patterns. Wish I had more of them. Good luck with the foaling.

EquineMan said...

Well that is a first.

But I guess patterns are patterns. If it is a manipulated photo they sure picked an unusual part to showcase.

Are you studs usually that busy during season? 7 Days a week is alot of collection. Like rising mentioned I thought it was at least one on one off.

Anyway great post. I think I am getting to be part of a blog circle. I see several people everywhere I am going!


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